Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I've always been inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us here. I've spent my life actively enjoying the great outdoors and creating artwork inspired by them. I received a degree at the University of Washington in Visual Arts with a minor in Art History, then went on to obtain a second degree in Interior Design at the Interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach, California. I've created work all over the country and up and down the West Coast ever since and have loved every moment of it, and I always happily return to my home in the Pacific Northwest. Give me mountains, trees and lakes, and the company to enjoy it with, and I am content. This site is a collection of the work I've done for the past decade, including work for my previous role as Northwest District Display Coordinator for Free People, my current role as Visual Merchandiser for Filson, and as a freelance artist and designer. It is a celebration of what inspires me and the many ways I've expressed it to the world. Thanks for stopping by, Enjoy. 


< < Me in front of a mural I designed and hand painted for Filson Headquarters

Seattle, washington